A recent market analysis of mobile devices has shown a continuing growth of smartphone and tablet sales, despite the ongoing lack of economic recovery.

As many industries continue to show poor sales, the smartphone sector grew in the second quarter by approximately 2 percent, according to Infonetics' quarterly Broadband Devices and Subscribers market analysis. Although the number of shipped units was up, sales fell slightly, which may mean prices have fallen – potentially good news for consumers of devices and mobile accessories.

Apple has continued its domination of the industry, and garnered more than a third of smartphone sales in the same quarter. Although Android remains the most widely-used operating system, the popularity of Apple products has kept the company in the lead over other manufacturers.

A key finding in Infonetics' latest report is the correlation of smartphone and tablet brand alliance.

"Just as iPhone users are more likely to buy an iPad as their tablet, so too are Android users more likely to buy Android-based tablets," said Richard Webb, the research company's directing analyst for microwave and small cells.

Both smartphone and tablet sales continue to rise as desktop and laptop computer sales remain sluggish, which may indicate a shifting of the electronics industry.