A new study from Nielsen revealed what many may have been able to guess – games, above all else, are the most popular mobile applications.

This should surprise relatively few, given that gaming – not matter how simple – has been a popular activity on mobile devices for decades. (Snake, anyone?)

But, according to Nielsen's report, 64 percent of app downloaders used a gaming app within the 30-day study period. This was followed by weather apps at 60 percent and social networking with 56 percent.

Furthermore, the study also found the overwhelming majority of app downloaders don't mind paying for mobile games. According to the report, 93 percent of consumers who have downloaded an app in the last 30 days said they were willing to pay for the games they play. That means the largest majority are will to shell out that $0.99 for the full version of Angry Birds.

Mobile apps are already a lucrative market, but they are likely to become even more profitable as smartphone use continues to rise. As a separate report from Nielsen recently pointed out, smartphone purchases in the United States outpaced those of feature phones for the first time in the three-month period ending in May.