Smartphones are continuing to outpace other mobile phones, and Google and Apple operating systems are gaining in their already large share of the market.

A recent report by the International Data Corporation shows that smartphones outpaced the sales of traditional feature phones for the first time in Western Europe. Smartphones increased in sales to 21.8 million units during the second quarter, with feature phones declining to 20.4 million.

The same trend is perpetuating across the world. According to IDC, international feature phone sales declined in the second quarter compared to the same period last year – the first drop in the rate since 2009. The slump could be attributed to the weak economies in several North American, European and Asian markets, although the smartphone market doesn't appear to be similarly effected.

"While this is not a new trend – smartphones have been the primary engine of growth for the last several quarters – it does mark something of a transition point, as demonstrated by the growing number and variety of smartphones featured in the vendors' portfolios," said Ramon Llamas, an IDC senior research analyst with the company's mobile phone technology and trends team.

As smartphones continue to dominate the mobile device market, manufacturers may drive the trend with an emphasis on production of the mobile accessories and devices forecasted to be most popular.