Smartphone purchases and use continues to rise, according to a comScore report on trends for the past three months.

According to the report, more than 82 million Americans owned a smartphone in May, June and July of 2011, with Android-based devices taking the biggest market share. Google's popular operating system has made consistent gains since its inception, rising from a 36.4 percent market share in the previous period ending in April to nearly 42 percent during the latest interval.

The rise in Android use doesn't spell disaster for Apple, the maker of the perennially popular iPhone. Apple's iOS for its phone line also made gains during the same period, although at a lower rate than the Android operating system. These two top systems continue to account for a growing share of the market, with every other major platform (Microsoft, RIM and Symbian) showing losses in comScore's latest report.

The rising rate of smartphones and mobile phone accessories sales during the recession points to the technology's immense popularity, as other retail markets lag along with stocks, credit and real estate numbers. If the economy makes even minor gains, the mobile device industry may see an even bigger boom than current trends.