The Galaxy Nexus, one of Samsung's most recently released smartphones, has attracted significant attention as a leading Android-powered mobile device. However, some users of the device in the United Kingdom, where the device recently hit the mobile and smartphone accessories market, reported that the phone experiences problems with call volume.

According to the Register, customers stated that the device's earpiece volume would randomly go mute or drop considerably. The problem has not affected all users of the Galaxy Nexus, appearing to surface most often while experiencing low signal strength when used in the 900 MHz frequency band of 2G wireless communication, a common frequency in the U.K. and Europe.

The news source reports that some users who have experienced this problem also reported difficulties with the Galaxy Nexus' volume key and power button.

As a result of these problems, the London-based wireless service provider Vodaphone has not picked up the Nexus for U.K. and European distribution.

Anti-virus software provider McAfee stated in a recent report that Android-powered smartphones and tablets became vulnerable to 37 percent more malware in 2011's third quarter than in Q2, according to CNET.