Cell phone batteries and other tablet accessories are dedicated to helping keep a device charged, so it only makes sense that Logitech believes solar power will eventually play a big part in tablet game. Director of mobile and tablet products Alexis Richard told Tech Radar that on-board power may not be enough for these devices anymore.

"As a result, people are eager for better power management and screen convergence," Richard said. "For instance, people are starting to demand extreme battery life in their devices and as a natural next step we'll see solar play more of a role in accessories."

There is already a solar powered wireless keyboard out from Logitech, but Richard said they are excited about the new iPad market and being able to utilize solar power to help make the user experience better.

Seeking Alpha posted a question and answer session with Logitech chief financial officer Erik Bardman who said the solar-power keyboard was selling well among iPad 2 accessories. He said the company isn't worried about price of the products but it wants to get a product that will resonate with customers.