While many iPad 2 accessories help keep the device's battery alive, one company is looking to add a unique twist to that. Domark International announced that it has formed a new subsidiary to get the exclusive licensing rights for the SolaPad iPad accessory. The new subsidiary is called SolaWerks.

"The new SolaWerks SolaPad is an electronic sleeve manufactured specifically for the iPad and contains a solar panel on the back and an additional internal battery to keep the iPad charged at all times – but that's not all," the company said. "The SolaPad is being developed to contain a very long-range WiFi antenna and two world-class quality speakers, as well as other new items that will make your iPad excel above the rest."

Currently, this accessory is constructed to fit the original iPad and the iPad 2, but it is also under development to fit the newly revealed iPad 2.

This may not be the last of the iPad accessories powered by solar energy. According to SmartPlanet, not only accessories are going solar, there could be a solar-powered smartphone coming out in the next few years.