SolarFocus new SolarKindle cover adds a little green technology to the e-reader market.

The SolarKindle utilizes a lightweight solar panel to power the device using the sun's energy. It won't leave users in the dark if it runs out of solar energy either, with its 1500 mA reserve battery and LED reading light. According to SolarFocus, one hour in direct sunlight provides about three days worth of reading time.

Unlike many other Kindle cases, this one is lightweight and thin. Made of leather-like polyurethane, it weighs 7.58 ounces and is less than an inch thick.

SolarFocus offers lighted solar covers for Kindle Touch and Kindle 4, but the company also offers a little something for users who want to bring the rest of their mobile device collection everywhere.

The SolarFacile 30 is a power station that converts solar energy into DC power. SolarFacile is compatible with any device that utilizes USB charging and lets users power their devices wherever there's sun available. Additionally, the packaging and user's manual are both recyclable.