For those who may not have time to reach for their phone, may want to go for a walk or run or are just big fans of mobile phone accessories, a new product has come out by Sony that links an Android phone to a watch.

The Sony SmartWatch easily straps on the wrist and has a touch screen that can display many applications. Sony's watch communicates with the phone via Bluetooth 3.0 technology and also functions as a standard watch, as well.

"Just imagine it, you’re at some boring event with your other half and are desperate to have anything else to look at, just so you can ignore your current situation," GadgetWiki said. "You can’t get your phone out, because that’s rude, but there’s nothing stopping you from checking the time is there?"

Users are able to check texts, emails and more from their watch. Even answering the phone and checking social media can be done at the touch of a button on the wrist. These Android cell phone accessories will be out in March at a price of about $150 for anyone who needs a phone on their watch.