As Google prepares to kick off its annual I/O Developer Conference, many are already speculating what the technology giant has on its agenda. To date, one of the top predictions is the launch of a new mobile operating system.

Rumors of a new Android have circulated for months. While the details of the OS are sparse, it has been suggested that the new Android will be dubbed Ice Cream and that it will bridge the gap between Android-based smartphones and tablets.

This strategy may be an important one for Android, which has emerged as the fastest-growing smartphone OS in recent months, but has failed to make a significant dent in the tablet market. According to InformationWeek, this may be attributable to the fact that developers are hesitant to design apps for the tablet version of Android, known as Honeycomb.

"If the tools to make smartphone apps and tablet apps are identical and require minimal adjustments between the two – mostly to account for differences in screen size/resolution – then developers can move forward full steam with both smartphone and tablet apps and know that they can do so with minimal pain," InformationWeek's Eric Zeman wrote.

The I/O Developer Conference will be held May 10 and 11 in San Francisco and will include a number of keynotes, information sessions and, presumably, some big announcements.