A new Kindle Fire skin from Stitchskins brings users back to the good ol' days – back before the accessory market was bombarded with so many iPad, iPhone, tablet, laptop and Kindle accessories that it made everyone's head spin. Gamers out there may remember the Game Boy, Nintendo's handheld gaming device. The new "Gamer Guy" skin makes the Kindle Fire look just like one.

The skin fits over the back of the Kindle and features Game Boy-themed artwork. The edges wrap around to the front without covering up the Kindle's screen. Although the skin utilizes adhesive, it's easy to remove and won't leave a residue. Stitchskins promises the design won't wear or fade.

If Game Boy is not your thing, there are other skins to choose from, including one featuring Claude Monet's painting "Water Lilies," for Kindle users with a heart for classic artwork.

Lovers of the iPad shouldn't feel left out either, with similarly varied skins for the iPad 2. The iPad Gel skins feature a glossy finish. They're more durable than the traditional device skin and are washable. The iPad skins come with themes ranging from classic artwork to old American flag designs.