If you're looking for a case to make your iPhone unique, consider some of the stranger mobile phone accessories available on the market.

For older generations and the tragically hip, the '80s cell phone case is a blast from the past. In the style of the first hand-held mobile phones, it's big, black and plastic, making the iPhone a whopping 7.5 inches high and 2.5 inches thick.

The case isn't the most practical accessory, as it won't fit in your pocket and blocks the phone's side buttons, but it will certainly protect your phone from impact. iPhone owners who used cell phones in the 1980s will be glad that it doesn't weigh much and doesn't raise voice rates to 25 cents per minute.

If you're worried about your phone being stolen, try making it creepy. The Japanese Dokkiri case is a standard black sleeve with a realistic, life-size hand attached to the back. Not only does the case obscure most of the phone, but the user must hold the hand when making a call. The Dokkiri case may seem odd, but would certainly deter thieves.