This fall, Apple is releasing its iCloud remote data storage system, allowing users to access music, documents and other files from any location, regardless of where the data was originally stored. Movies from the iTunes store will be available to stream through this medium if negotiations between film studios and Apple go through in a positive manner, according to Apple Insider.

The news source reports that Apple has previously attempted to initiate a service allowing users to re-download previously purchased movies to be viewed on multiple formats. Certain restrictions prevent this, however, although such stipulations do not apply to songs and episodes of TV shows.

One of the factors that may hold up the negotiations is the Hollywood-affiliated cloud movie streaming service UltraViolet. This allows viewing on Apple mobile devices and iPad accessories but doesn't work with iTunes-purchased movies. Also, the distribution deals that various major film studios have with HBO prevent movies licensed for showing on HBO from premiering in other mediums.

The debut of iOS 5 and iCloud in Europe and the U.K. on October 12 caused a sizable surge in web traffic and slowed many users' internet services, according to the Guardian.