While many have suspected that the rise of the media tablet would spell doom for the traditional PC, a new study by the NPD Group suggests that this may not be the case.

Yes, PC sales among consumers have slipped in recent years, while sales for tablets and tablet accessories have never been higher. However, according to the market research firm, the two trends are not directly related.

The report found that tablets – Apple's iPad, specifically – have cannibalized less of the PC market than many had expected. According to the report, only 14 percent of early iPad adopters have decided to forego purchasing a PC in favor of the tablet.

Instead, the decline in PC sales may be attributed to the launch of Microsoft's Windows 7. According to the report, the PC market saw a surge in sales when the new operating system launched in 2009. However, as sales came back down to earth, it just happened to coincide with the rise of tablets.

Regardless of PC sales, tablets are expected to experience monumental growth this year. According to a January IDC report, 44.6 million tablets will ship in 2011, followed by 70.8 million in 2012.