With an announcement for the Apple iPad 3 expected this week, a new study from InMobi, a large independent mobile ad network, shows that nearly a third of mobile web browswers want to buy the new device. This means iPad 3 accessories will likely be a huge hit once they start coming to the market.

The study said 29 percent of people want to buy the iPad 3, and 54 percent of them don't own a tablet. About 44 percent would only consider an iPad if they were buying a tablet and 65 percent may even buy an iPad 2 at a reduced price.

"In terms of the impact of the iPad 3 on the mobile industry as a whole, we definitely see consumer adoption of tablets contributing to increased mobile media consumption, as our recent Mobile Media Consumption Study shows that North American mobile consumers are already spending more time on mobile devices versus TVs or PCs," said Anne Frisbie, vice president and managing director of InMobi.

It will soon be seen in real life what will happen, as many sources report that the iPad 3 will be unveiled on March 7. The device is said to have a Retina display, improved graphics and a faster chip.