A new study shows that tablet owners spend more time online than the average person, and points to the growing popularity of mobile computing over traditional computer use.

Research firm Knowledge Networks found that the average adult, between the ages of 18 to 64, spends triple the amount of time accessing the internet on a mobile device now than one year ago – from 7 minutes in 2010 to 25 minutes in 2011.

Tablet owners, however, spend a much higher amount of time on mobile networks. While the average consumer was estimated to spend just under 3 hours using the internet per day, tablet users logged 4 hours and 19 minutes online. This includes all means of web access: Less than one hour of that amount of internet use was on a tablet.

"Being able to take 'device shares' into account – along with product and media use – gives planners a new, increasingly relevant window on the media landscape," noted Robert DeFelice, Knowledge Networks' vice president of client service media, of the changing habits of internet use and their effect on marketing and web-based commerce.

The study also found that tablet owners may be more likely to buy non-tablet mobile devices, mobile phone accessories and other advanced personal technology.