A new study from Prosper Mobile Insights revealed that smartphone users are becoming increasingly reliant on their devices and mobile phone accessories, using the technology for more aspects of their daily lives.

In a survey of 102 smartphone users, 16.7 percent said they use their smartphones only for calling, texting and email, while 30.4 percent indicated their usage expands to a few basic applications.

However, 52.9 percent of respondents said they use their smartphones for all functions, indicating that their handsets are an essential part of their lives these days.

Many survey respondents stated that such functions as texting, internet browsing and email are smartphone capabilities that they can't live without, while others noted that Facebook, GPS and calling features were also necessities.

"Consumers are integrating mobile devices into all aspects of their daily lives – including shopping," said Gary Drenik, president and CEO of Prosper Business Development. "Smartphone and tablet users are more engaged with online content and in turn are more influenced by digital advertising."

This rise of smartphone reliance is reflected in the growing size of the market. According to a recent IDC report, an estimated 450 million smartphones will ship this year.