As smartphone users rely more on their devices and cloud computing services to host information and complete transactions, security is becoming a top concern.

New research from AdaptiveMobile indicates that information protection has surpassed call and connection quality on the list of most important service provider duties. Among the 2,000 respondents, 68 percent named security as their top concern, compared to 52 percent wanting reliable internet and phone service.

"The US carrier market currently has more loyalty and trust from its customer base than almost any other industry," said Brian Collins, AdaptiveMobile CEO, "and this survey underscores the importance of maintaining this customer confidence, especially around mobile security."

The study also found that more than half of the participants had dealt with a form of data or system security problem, such as an unwarranted marketing scheme. Less than a quarter of those polled claimed to be using some kind of security application, however, perhaps pointing to a lack of availability or affordability of such services.

A drop in the importance rating of service quality may be due to expanding cell and Wi-Fi networks, which have been boosted by the spread of 4G devices and connections.