Originally TouchType showed off it’s SwiftKey app for tablets at CES and it was pretty interesting, and now they have adapted it for Android 3.0. By working with Google and Motorola this will be released alongside with the Motorola Xoom tablet. SwiftKey is designed for a very thumb friendly typing experience so that you can hold your tablet on both sides and type, rather than either putting it on your lap to type or using one hand. I think that they have done a beautiful job with the layout of the keyboard and the way that SwiftKey works. It is designed to begin word prediction before you even begin to type, and it also analyzes your email and Facebook in order to learn how you write. This makes an already amazing application even more brilliant. It is definitely something to get or at the very least try out with your Android 3.0 based tablets which are coming soon.

Sources: Engadget SwiftKey