With the unveiling of both the HTC Glacier and T-Mobile G2 it is no wonder there is some controversy as to which model is shown by the labels from Engadget. It is safe to say however that it is most likely the G2 which is scheduled to release in the market in September where as the Glacier has yet to have a release date. It would be nice however to see the dual core Glacier hit markets sooner than expected but that would mean possible problems with the phone itself. With this all in mind I would put my money on the G2 to be released first and to make a big splash. With it being and HSPA+phone it will be able to reach near 4G speeds and with its sleek design and little to no design flaws, unlike the Evo 4G, and being the successor of the G1 the standard had been set very high for the G2.

Source: Engadget, FCC