Rumor has it that T-Mobile may be expanding its tablet offerings, thanks to the spotting of a new addition to its tablet and mobile phone accessories.

A photograph leaked to the media shows a 10-inch leather sleeve designed for tablets headed for the company's shelves. T-Mobile's current devices are significantly smaller than the protector: The G-Slate is under 9 inches, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab has a mere 7-inch screen.

This leads to speculation that the provider may soon carry a larger tablet. While no information has yet been released by the company, it could be a smart move. HP recently announced the demise of its webOS line, meaning competition in the market is about to become a little slimmer. As HP is currently selling off stock at steep discounts, now may not be the best time for a new release, but once the competitor has faded, T-Mobile may expand to larger tablets.

By introducing more devices, the company could become more of a contender in the mobile market, along with industry giants Verizon and AT&T. Whether or not T-Mobile steps into HP's shoes as the next device underdog remains to be seen – it's possible the new sleeve is meant for other brand's tablets.