In an industry that has struggled to adjust to new technology, Scott Dadich says journalism may have a chance to redeem itself with the rise of tablets.

In an interview with Neiman Journalism Lab, Dadich, who serves as the vice president of digital magazine development at Conde Nast, noted that, while the journalism industry still faces an uphill battle, Apple’s iPad and its subscription policy may lead to people once again be willing to subscribe to magazines and other news outlets.

“It’s not that far-fetched to imagine 20 to 25 percent of magazines’ readership existing in a digital platform three to four years from now,” Dadich told the news provider.

For Conde Nast’s part, it has already jumped on the tablet bandwagon. According to the news source, the magazine publisher currently offers 30 apps and nearly 10 magazine editions for the iPad.

Leveraging tablets and mobile accessories may prove advantageous to publishers looking to spark new life into their industry, especially as the technology continues to grow. As a recent Net Applications study found, the iPad now accounts for more than 1 percent of global internet traffic – a significant increase from the 0.27 percent from a year ago.