Tango, a relatively new player in the technology market, was awarded the contract to be the first provider of video-calling systems and related smartphone accessories for the updated "Mango" version of Windows Phone. This is being seen as a notable development for Tango,  a company founded only two years ago, according to Forbes.

The news source reports that some are viewing this development as strange, given Microsoft's recent acquisition of video-calling pioneer Skype. While this may be due to the complexity of the processes required to integrate Skype's technology into the Windows Phone format, the company's refusal to comment on the matter is curious.

Apps made by Tango are also featured in other mobile OS software, such as Android and iOS, as well as in PCs. However, although its growth has been considerable in its short history and it is being compared to Skype for this reason, the news source reports that Skype still remains the front-runner in the video-calling market, with over 170 million connected users by comparison to Tango's 25 million.

According to Infoworld, Windows Phone's upgraded user interface is notable for its ease of use, but slightly inferior to Android or iOS in terms of available apps.