We had previously heard news of Nokia splitting ways with Symbian and moving onto Microsoft, but we now see the fruits of their partnership. At first we may have expected to see a MEEGO device before a Windows Phone 7, but it seems that Nokia is much more invested within Microsoft technology than MEEGO. AT a recent press conference it was announced that they would be releasing the first Nokia Windows phones. It seems like it may be a step down from Symbian since Windows Mobile has always been pretty mediocre. Despite this possibility Nokia is aiming for a release of multiple Windows powered devices in 2011, as well as some CDMA capable Nokia devices.

I still feel that Nokia is on their last leg and this is merely a way that they are trying to stay alive in the cell phone market. Despite this I feel that even though this will bring them some minor success in the short run, it would have been better if they invested much more time into their own MEEGO OS. If they release MEEGO I feel that it will give them much more of an edge on the market since it is a fairly new OS it will make many of the potential buyers very curious. This will not be an easy step for Nokia to make with Android and iOS, but it will be a small stepping stone to, hopefully, help them get back to the company they used to be.

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