Qualcomm Snapdragon processors became an instant hit when they were implemented into Android powered devices, and now hopefully they will be able to do some good for Windows Phone 7 Mango. Shortly after the press conference announcing the release of Windows Phone 7 Mango, Qualcomm made an announcement that they would be using their processors in the new line of Windows Phone 7. This is a pretty big step since it will either help improve these phones or it will make little to no difference in it’s popularity or performance. Either way the executive vice president, Steve Mollenkopf, seems pretty optimistic with this decision. He went as far as to say that it will, “leverage the synergy of our highly integrated second generation Snapdragon solution and Microsoft’s Windows Phone software.” The second generation Snapdragon processors should bring a much needed boost to the processing powers within Windows Phone 7s and hopefully help to work out some of the issues which it has.

I believe this may not have been the very best move that Qualcomm could have made since the demand in Windows Phone 7 is neither impressive with the consumers or designers. It may have been better to hold back on the second generation processors, but at the very least this will give them a lot of exposure if it makes major differences in the Windows Phone 7. Microsoft may have gotten a big catch with this since if they do not find a way to make their devices more popular it can expedite the already rapid decline of Microsoft within the mobile phone industry.

Sources: Engadget IntoMobile