Like most of the larger and more lucrative companies Apple does not look well upon employees whom go and talk about work life to journalists. There was one employee who did break through this usual belief and talked about how bad Apple Customers were. Normally when you walk into an Apple Store, it is very crowded, but aside from that the employees are courteous and customers are as well. The unnamed employee stated that, “Its amazing how badly behaved some customers are. I have seen customers have complete meltdowns and get phones exchanged that were like two years old. They scream, cry, curse. And it works. People can be horrible. Sometimes it’s like working at McDonald’s, with better pay. I’ve never been treated so badly in my life.” This sounds absolutely terrible coming from a company as big as Apple. On another note, employees claim that there are tons of drug dealers within the Apple stores most of the time. It is a mystery how they found out, but what is more intriguing is why so many drug dealers hang around Apple.

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