With Apple having launched it’s own form of newspaper via “The Daily,” it looks like they are trying to shape up the iPad to really be for anything and everything. “The Daily” was designed to have a sort of magazine like feel when it is being read, allowing you to flip through pages, but not only this, but there are even video clips for certain articles and there is an audio version of “The Daily.” The audio version is not like a dry gps voice, but the voices are professionally done. The news read on your copy of “The Daily” is not restricted just to you, but you an link articles to your Twitter or Facebook to share them with your friends. “The Daily” will cost either $0.99 per copy or $39.99 for the entire year. It is not very hard to see which is the better deal, and on top of this if you are with Verizon the first two weeks of “The Daily” are free.

Source: Engadget