For all of you hardcore gamers this may not seem like the best of ideas, but the Razer Switchblade is definitely something to consider for your computer gaming experience. The Switchblade looks to be a bit of a dud as a computer itself, however when you add in the fact that there are customizable keys for in game play, the fact that it has a touch screen, it is ultra portable, and it can run games like World of Warcraft (WoW) or Warcraft 3 on decent settings it makes for one awesome little device. This however is not even the best part of the gaming features. I personally found that the keyboard, which is very much like the Samsung Alias 2s E Ink keyboard, is very interesting in how it can change into the custom buttons you would want for a game. This may not be able to run all of the top games at the moment, but we all know in the future it will be able to and that is simply going to be an amazing future.

Source: Gizmodo