Solawerks, a subsidiary of Domark International, recently announced it will develop a new product, similar to its Solapad, that will be designed for the Kindle Fire.

The new product, called the Solafire, will be an electronic sleeve featuring an efficient solar panel that will utilize the sun’s power to charge the Kindle. It will also have a 5,000amh backup battery for days when the sun doesn’t come out. There is no release date yet, but the company plans to keep its customers updated on the Solawerks website.

The iPhone can also benefit from a solar-powered sleeve. The Solacase is an electronic sleeve that works on the same principles as the Solafire, and is compatible with all versions of the iPhone. The Solacase is available in black, white, pink, lime, blue and green

The company is already showing a commitment to improving its existing products as well, including working on a new version of its Solapad. The new Solapad will have a similar design to the original, but will be built with a hard rubber material to add the functionality of a protective case.