As Lenovo prepares for the launch of its ThinkPad in the next few weeks, more and more rumors about the Android-based tablet are beginning to surface. The most recent rumor is that the tablet will include portfolio cover complete with a full keyboard.

This bit of information came from ZTOP, which reported that Jaison Patrocinio, director of the ThinkPad product line, revealed the mobile accessory during a launch event in Brazil.

A detachable keyboard for the ThinkPad makes sense, considering Lenovo is gearing the tablet toward enterprise users, rather than consumers. In addition to the keyboard, the ThinkPad is slated to be the first tablet to come with a style for signature capture.

The ThinkPad is expected to launch sometime this summer. While the release date is foggy, a few of the tablet's specifications are not. According to reports, the tablet will feature a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, it will run on Google's tablet-specific OS Android 3.0 and it will include a Tegra 2 processor from Nvidia.

As with any hotly anticipated technology, the rumors surrounding the ThinkPad must be taken with a grain of salt. Earlier this week, Liliputing reported the tablet would be available in the United States starting June 28, though, evidently, this was not the case.