T-Mobile recently confirmed the release of three new Android smartphones from Samsung designed to fulfill a range of purposes.

The first to hit the shelves with the Samsung Dart, an entry-level handset based on Google's Android 2.2, or Froyo, that offers all the basic features one would expect from a smartphone this day and age, including 3G-connectivity, a music player and a 3-megapixel rear-facing camera.

T-Mobile also stated via Twitter that it will release two higher-end Android phones, the Exhibit 4G and the Gravity Smart, next week.

According to Engadget, the Exhibit 4G is the most advanced of the three phones. Based on Android 2.3, or Gingerbread, the handset features 4G-connectivity, a 1-gigahertz Snapdragon processor and two cameras.

The Gravity Smart, meanwhile, takes the middle ground with Android 2.2, a 3.2-inch touchscreen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

The Dart is available now from T-Mobile with a 2-year contract, and the Exhibit and Gravity Smart are expected to arrive June 22.

The emergence of Android has been kind to Samsung, which has seen its market share skyrocket the last year. According to recent figures from Nomura, Samsung will overtake Nokia this quarter to become the No. 1 smartphone manufacturer in the world.