The original fps Doom is back, and although I would like to say it is better than ever it has only become more portable than ever. For all of us who suffer through Algebra 2 into higher math courses which require a graphing calculator, putting games on our calculators has always been something we try to do. There have however not been too many fps games or at least fps games for our calculators which were even remotely good. Now however thanks to the people at omnimaga there has been a beta version of nDoom which is capable of running on your TI-Nspire. All things into consideration this game runs smoothly on the calculator, but there are still some bugs like causing your calculator to crash. I think that when it gets our of the beta level there will probably be a huge rise in TI-Nspire owners all over the world. No mater how you look at it this is a pretty impressive feat that not too many of us can do, so thank omnimaga for bringing Doom and math together.

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