By far this is the best and most professional looking IPod Nano watch accessory to be put out. The Tik Tok is a very nice and elegant snap on watch concept for your IPod Nano. It looks very stylish, yet at the same time it could be something you wear out for business. The best part of it is, is that the Tik Tok will only run you $35. It may seem like a high price, but compared to other watch accessories this is just so much better. The Luna Tik which is even nicer than the Tik Tok, is not a snap on accessory, but it actually secures your phone between two pieces of aluminum. It will run you about $70, so I would only suggest you get this if you feel very worried about your IPod dropping. Both of these designs by Scott Wilson of Minimal Studios definitely showcase that simple can still be best.

Source: Engadget Daring Fireball Kickstarter