Mobile device users that love high-quality sound may soon see new must-have products among the mobile accessories on store shelves.

Electronics manufacturer Bose, a Framingham, Massachusetts-based company specializing in speaker systems and home theater components, may be releasing a new MP3 docking station called the Bose Chihuahua. The upcoming speaker system is reported to be ultra-small and feature a wireless signal to transfer audio to one of the company's larger sound products.

The Chihuahua would join an existing market of wireless speaker dock solutions, but the company would be able to capitalize on its reputation for niche, high-quality home audio products. Users who already own Bose speaker hardware would be able to connect to the existing product with the dock. The manufacturer already carries a number of fully-contained MP3 player and mobile device-docking systems through its SoundDock line.

According to a technology news source, the product may be displayed next week at certain locations. The company is holding a press event in New York City on September 15, called Hold the Phone, that is expected to include the announcement of the new wireless dock with demonstrations planned throughout the day.