For those more inclined to buy mobile phone accessories than a tablet, Toshiba has released a 14-inch USB LCD Mobile Monitor, according to RegHardware. The device is about the same size as a tablet or slim laptop and comes in a leather case with a stand for display.

Even so, this device doesn't work with Macs and will only work with Windows XP, Vista and 7, according to RegHardware. For people who use these devices, it can be a great accessory, but there is not much versatility past that.

"Mind you, the spec says that it won’t work with Windows 7 Starter, the operating system which you’ll generally find on netbooks," the blog said of the LCD monitor. "It does, though, or at least it did on mine, and Toshiba hasn’t ruled out the possibility of future updates. Incidentally, the drivers come supplied on a CD, useless for most netbooks. It took a call to Tosh to find a downloadable version on the net."

At the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, TechSpot said Toshiba had some other cool innovations in laptops, tablets and mobile phone accessories. One is a waterproof tablet that is safe to use underwater for up to a half-hour, which is useful if you need to play Angry Birds on vacation in a pool.