Not only is the Sony Alpha A77 DSLR camera stylish, but it also uses translucent mirrors in order to capture light through the mirror itself. This may be something which is difficult in itself to grasp, however it is a fairly new technology which will be displayed in Sony’s new line of Alpha DSLR cameras. By using the translucent mirrors the camera is not only able to capture light which is reflected onto the mirror, but it is also able to focus while it is taking a shot. This is something which is not normally available with the other cameras in it’s class. There is no sure way to tell whether or not this will make Sony cameras as reputable as Nikon or Canon, but it should be able to put them up pretty high in the DSLR market. There are a couple things which are for sure though and they are that this camera has probably one of the most unique exteriors I have seen and that it will be something which changes the camera market.

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