After long wait and a slew of rumors, electronics manufacturer Lenovo has finally officially introduced the world to its answer to Apple's iPad – or, more accurately, three answers to Apple's iPad.

Today, Lenovo announced a trio of new tablets slated to hit the market in the coming month. Two of the devices – the IdeaPad Tablet K1 and the ThinkPad Tablet – will ship with Google's Android 3.1, while the IdeaPad Tablet P1 will run on Microsoft's Window 7.

One advantage of releasing three distinct tablets is that it affords the opportunity to cater to different markets – a point of which Lenovo is apparently well aware. The Android-based IdeaPad, with Adobe Flash support and Netflix certification, is being marketed toward consumers, while the ThinkPad, which includes more robust security and productivity features, appears to be headed for the enterprise market.

The Windows-based IdeaPad attempts to straddle the fence, featuring Adobe Flash support and various gaming options, as well as an optional stylus pen for interacting with Office documents.

Earlier reports slated the tablets for either late June or early July releases. However, it now appears the two Android-based tablets will hit shelves in August, while the Windows tablet does not yet have a release date.