Taking pictures inside can be a chore, but at least indoor light can be controlled. If the sun is being stubborn and ruins a good picture with a plethora of light, there's not a whole lot that can be done. A new case is changing that.

Trygger's new entry into the world of iPhone cases enhances the iPhone's photography features by adding a polarizing filter to the camera lens, built directly into the sliding back of the case.

The Trygger Camera Case's filter is made from optical-grade glass, and the case itself features an adjustable wheel to give users a high level of control over the lighting of their pictures. For pictures in low-light settings, the filter slides out of the way. The case is currently available in four different colors, with more coming in the future.

Made with high-strength polycarbonate, the accessory also has the functionality of a protective case. Although it was introduced as a Kickstarter project, the case will be available through major retailers after initial orders are filled.