It's easy to get completely engrossed in the iPhone with game apps, mobile media and actually using it to make and receive calls, but sometimes, it would be great to use one hand for something else without the danger of dropping the iPhone. A new Kickstarter project is delivering just that by allowing users to strap their iPhones to their fingers.

The Tuidle for iPhone 4/4S enhances the portability and ease of use of the iPhone. The case features a small clip on the back that hooks to the user's finger and allows users to comfortably hold the iPhone in a position that allows for easy thumb operation. It may not be the most protective of iPhone cases, but it should limit dropping incidents by strapping the iPhone in for the ride.

"We have been at work designing and testing this idea for over two years. Many designs later, we think we have finally perfected the experience," Tuidle designer Naveed Ghalib wrote on Kickstarter. "We even filed a full utility patent on the concept more than two years ago. But coming up with the perfect design wasn't easy. We joined forces with the Baren-Boym Company, and with their help, we tweaked Tuidle until it was the most functional and comfortable case on the market."