One new innovation in tablets is being released by Brookstone, as they will put out iPad 2 accessories that can be used to scan documents. The Brookstone iConvert Scanner, which will combine sheet-fed documents and a photo reader with an iPad dock, will be available February 1 at a retail value of about $150.

The accessory supports 300-dpi color scanning and allows users to scan in JPEG format to the iPad's picture folder. From here, they can be emailed, printed or copied. The device also works for the original iPad.

"You might be asking yourself if you really need something like this, given that the iPad 2 has a built-in camera and there are plenty of apps that can leverage it for scanning purposes," Rich Broida of CNET said. "Alas, the rear camera takes submegapixel photos – not nearly high-resolution enough for document duty. Meanwhile, the lighting is never adequate, and it's hard to hold an iPad steady enough for sharp photography. I'd say if you routinely need to capture documents, photos and the like while on the go, the iConvert might be just the ticket."

IPad 2 accessories like this could be great for those in business who are frequently on the run and need to quickly scan documents. Brookstone's website said the device weights just 1.44 pounds, which makes it easy to carry.