Many iPhone and iPad cases have to focus on either protection or sleek design, but Uniea's U-Suit Folio Premium case for the new iPad offers a little of both. Weighing only a little more than 10 ounces, the sleek design doesn't add much bulk or weight to the iPad, but offers full protection.

The exterior is covered in a soft leather, while the inside of the case features a protective shell to protect the iPad from damage. Cut-outs allow access to the iPad 3's camera lens, and the front cover folds to transform the case into a stand.

The case's interior magnets put the iPad into sleep mode when the case is closed and turn it back on when it's opened, so users won't unintentionally waste battery power. The case costs $49.95 and comes in white, brown and gray.

Uniea also has iPhone lovers covered with its line of iPhone cases, including the U-Suit Folio Premium case for the iPhone 4/4S. The iPhone version costs $34.95 and completely covers the device for maximum protection. The case features cut-outs to allow access to the camera lens and all of the iPhone's ports.