At this past weekend's Macworld iWord conference in San Francisco, there were 25,000 attendees there to see all the new devices and mobile phone accessories that are coming out within the next few years. This year, there were some pretty unique accessories, including one for the drinkers.

"The Intoxicase seems like it was created by some frat bros after an intense game of beer pong: an iPhone case with a bottle opener glued to the back of it," ZDNet said. "The Intoxicase comes with an app which uses the iPhone’s gyroscope to detect and tally how many beers you’ve opened. The app can also play your college football team’s fight song. $25 gets you one of these gag gifts."

Some other cool accessories at the event included the iKeyboard for iPads, which has keys filled with air for touch-typists to easily convert to the tablet, a paintbrush accessory known as the Nomad Brush and another beer-opening accessory called the Opena, according to the London Evening Standard.

Be on the lookout for many of these new cell phone accessories over the next year or so and check for many that have already been released.