Consumers who upgrade to the 4G network may be doing their part to help the economy.

According to a Deloitte research and consulting report, by investing in the infrastructure to introduce the fourth generation cellular wireless network, communications companies may invest from $25 to more than $50 billion and employ hundreds of thousands of new workers.

As the new network spreads in the coming years, those figures may be slowly realized, but the effects will be palpable for professionals in the industry and businesses involved in its formation. The mobile technology market is a strong force for American business, from hardware such as phones and cell phone accessories to web-based services.

"The key to harnessing the potential benefits of 4G technology lies in America's market-driven wireless sector," said Deloitte vice chairman and U.S. media and telecommunications sector editor Phil Asmundson, "which encourages the emergence of innovative applications that spur productivity and could produce the same surge of innovation and demand we experienced during the 3G era."

One major impact that may result from the expansion of more powerful wireless cellular networks is better connectivity for underserved communities. Cities and regions that have poor access to broadband, and communities that find the cost of high-speed internet connections burdensome, will have better web access through mobile devices.