Nokia vice president of Europe Victor Saeijs recently confirmed that the first batch of Windows Phone 7-based handsets from Nokia is slated to arrive later this year. However, he did not indicate how soon the devices would arrive to the United States.

Rather, he revealed the first six markets to receive the handsets will be France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the U.K., All About Phones reports.

Speaking at the recent 2011 Telecom.paper Mobile conference in the Netherlands, Saeijs also confirmed the handsets would include the latest version of Windows Phone 7, dubbed Mango. However, he did not reveal what the phone itself will be named.

He did say, according to the news provider, that Nokia expects to launch only one WP7-based handset this year, but more will follow at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Despite being the top mobile phone manufacturer in the world for nearly 15 years, Nokia has seen its market share slide recently. However, this partnership with Microsoft may prove beneficial, as experts predict Windows Phone to become the No. 2 mobile operating system by 2015.