IPhone covers and cases are becoming more popular by the day, according to an article in the New York Times. While people are happy to buy the phone, they also want to break out of the uniformity of the phones all looking the same, so many modify the device or purchase new accessories to help spice things up a bit.

"The predictability and popularity of the iPhone helps to explain why modding is much less common among owners of other phones," according to the news story. "There are dozens of different Android phones on the market, for example, making it difficult for technicians to become an expert in tweaking each one."

While the next design for the iPhone is expected to be different than the iPhone 4S and 4, many professionals are expecting the users of Apple products to still want to have fun and modify their phone. Brett Gordon, an associate professor of business at Columbia University, said while Apple may not condone modifications, it gives a platform to build on for people and companies.

For those who want to modify the phone past new iPhone cases, Comptuerworld quotes Apple officials who say messing with the operating system could be dangerous and leave people open to attacks and the phone crashing.