While there have been many iPad 2 accessories that allow the device to play music wirelessly, APC Magazine said there are also ways to transform the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad into a remote for TV, audio systems and more.

"The advantage of using iPhone remote control apps over the standard remote control is that most of them work over Wi-Fi instead of infra-red, which means you don’t need to be within line of sight – you could change channels and tracks, adjust volume and perform other tasks from any room in the house if you wanted to," the website said.

If someone doesn't have a remote control app for their device, APC Magazine said people can buy the Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control, which is about $95. This is a small accessory that can connect to an iPhone via Bluetooth and help people control their devices over infra-red. This device, however, does not work over Wi-Fi.

Apple said there is also an Apple remote control that operates on an infrared based transmitter. This device can work at about 30 feet, but the website warns that there may not be an infrared receiver on some Mac devices. People should search for iPhone and iPad accessories that allow them to use a remote over the Wi-Fi signal for better results.