At approximately 11 AM Pacific Standard Time on November 3, some users of the iPhone 4S began reporting failures of their Siri voice-recognition feature. Although the issue was corrected for some by the afternoon, no official statement from Apple surfaced regarding the issue on that day or as of November 4, according to VentureBeat.

The news source reports that the outage may have been caused by difficulties with one of Apple's servers. These databases are essential for Siri to function, since it must communicate with the company's extensive information network at all times to supply the information it is capable of delivering to its users.

In the absence of any official word from Apple, it is not clear how extensive the service interruption was – no data exists regarding the number of users or what geographical areas were affected. imple troubleshooting tasks such as restarting the phone or its wireless internet connection were not able to correct the issue while it took place.

This is the second significant service issue to affect users of the iPhone 4S in recent days. In the final days of October and first days of November, certain owners of the device reported difficulties with faster-than-expected loss of battery life, according to CNET.