For users of iPhone 4S cases, PCWorld reports that the newer devices soon to be released will have some differences that will likely force users to replace their accessories (including cases) as well.

"The iconic 30-pin connector has been used by Apple for nearly a decade," the news source said.  The iPod line, iPhones, and iPad all use the same connector, and there’s an entire cottage industry devoted to cranking out peripherals and attachments designed to plug into that 30-pin connector. If Apple changes from the standard 30-pin connector to a new 19-pin connector it will make all of your existing accessories obsolete."

While this won't change things right away, as many users will still look to hang onto their old device and wait on buying the newest devices, PCWorld said these accessories will eventually have to be replaced as Apple fans start getting the newest devices on the market.

Ars Technica said this could be a good thing for iPhone users, as the device and there fore phone cases and accessories would get much smaller, more efficient and easier to deal with.