Apple stocks took a hit recently on news that the company would limit the supply of iPads, one of the company's best-selling items and a leader in the tablet industry.

The news comes at the same time as an imminent announcement from Amazon that the Kindle will soon have a web-enabled, Android-powered sibling, rumored to be a smaller-screened and cheaper-priced tablet than the iPad and many current Android offerings.

"It's back to reality," said Wanli Wang of RBS Asia, according to Bloomberg News. "Now it seems even for Apple, due to the market situation, we need to be conservative."

Although media relations at Apple has yet to confirm reports, the news, coming from JPMorgan Chase and Co., was developed based on information from Apple's vendors. This wouldn't be the first time the Apple inventory was limited for consumers – its popular devices and mobile accessories have sold out in many markets in the past, leading to overnight lines outside of stores in anticipation of a new release and enormous initial sales of stock.

Until the recent supply report, the company's stock has fared well this year despite the rocky stock market.