More than anything ViewSOnic has been known to be related with computers, but now with everyone jumping in on the mobile device industry it seems almost natural to see them join. Even before the Mobile World Conference, they have revealed their dual sim card phone, the V350. This phone may be questionable since it will be the first one released by ViewSonic, however with it’s current specs it looks like something we can all enjoy. The V350 will have Android 2.2, a 5mp camera, microSD slot, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 and A-GPS. All of this is pretty exciting, but there is still more to be unvieled by ViewSonic. They will also be releasing a 10 inch tablet, named the ViewPad, which will dual boot Windows 7 Professional and Android. There has yet to be a release of devices such as these in the U.S. so it will be interesting to see just how successful they will be in our market.

Source: Engadget